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it hurts when i do this
(the college years)

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About Me 7:09 p.m.

Who: My name is Pat. I am an 18-year old college freshman at a small school in Alabama. I am a Gemini, I'm gay, and my major is professional writing. My minor...well, it changes every day. Right now it's marketing, but tomorrow, who knows? Perhaps Radio-Television-Film. Wherever the wind blows me, so shall I go and minor.

What: This is my online journal. I write about my life: the things that happen to me, the things I think, the things I wish would happen to me.

If you're here to pose the eternal 'It hurts when you do what?' question, give yourself -10 points for originality. 'It Hurts When I Do This' is part of a quotation I stole from TV (the giver of all that is good) and butchered fairly spectacularly. No big, huge story. Just more evidence of a lifelong unhealthy obsession with TV.

When: I officially began this endeavor in January 2002, although some of the earlier (and thus more painful) writings and the copyright notice date back as early as December 2000. As of this writing, it is January 2004, so I've been going at it for two solid years now. Some days it seems like it's been forever; some days it seems like I only started this yesterday.

This whole mess began at GeoCities, which was a rookie mistake. I had to hand-code everything and shift all my archives over every time I updated, which turned into a huge pain in the ass, which was one of my many excuses for updating so irregularly.

In the summer of 2003, I discovered the awesome power of Diaryland, which took all the really hard non-writing work out of the process, and thusly made my job a lot easier. Coincidentally, it was during summer 2003 that I switched from updating weekly to updating more often than that, although not on any sort of regular schedule. I write when the mood strikes me; hopefully that's not less than once a week.

Where: You can reach me in any of the following ways:
Email: [email protected]
AIM: ithurtswhenidoth
Guestbook: go there

Why: Why do I do it? It gives me an opportunity to hone my craft, I suppose. I like writing, most of the time, and this gives me an opportunity to write about the subject with which I am most familiar: myself. I also do it to verb you, the reader. If I can entertain you, make you laugh, make you cry (hopefully not because the prose is so awful), or make you think, then I have succeeded in my goal as a writer. Enjoy.

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